Unit 1
Lesson1 Multiplication
Lesson 2 Division
Lesson 3 Dividing Fractions
Lesson 4 Dividing Decimals
Lesson 5 Fractions and Decimals
Lesson 6 Ratios and Rates
Lesson 7 Introduction to the Calculator
Lesson 8 Working with Rates on the Calculator

Unit 2
Lesson 1 The Rational Number
Lesson 2 Adding Signed Numbers
Lesson 3 More Work Adding Signed Numbers
Lesson 4 Subtracting Signed Numbers
Lesson 5 More Work Subtracting Signed Numbers
Lesson 6 Adding and Subtracting Graphically
Lesson 7 Subtraction and Distance
Lesson 8 Multiplication of Signed Numbers
Lesson 9 Division of Signed Numbers
Lesson 10 More Work Multiplying and Dividing Signed
Lesson 11 Evaluating Expressions Using Order of Operations
Lesson 12 Working with Signed Numbers on the Calculator

Unit 3
Lesson 1 Ratios
Lesson 2 Ratios and Complex Fractions
Lesson 3 Fractions and Algebra
Lesson 4 Solving Ratio Problems Using Algebra
Lesson 5 Proportional Relationships
Lesson 6 Solving Proportions
Lesson 7 Exploring Proportional Relationships
Lesson 8 Graphs of Proportional Relationships
Lesson 9 Equations of Proportional Relationships
Lesson 10 More Work with Proportional Relationships

Unit 4
Lesson 1 Finding Fractions of Quantities
Lesson 2 More Work with Fractions of Wholes
Lesson 3 Percent Basics
Lesson 4 Decimals and Percentages
Lesson 5 Percents, Decimals, and the Calculator
Lesson 6 The Percentage a Part Represents
Lesson 7 Messy Percentages
Lesson 8 Percent Increase and Decrease
Lesson 9 Additional Applications of Percent
Lesson 10 Finding the Whole Using Algebra

Unit 5
Lesson 1 The Properties of Real Numbers
Lesson 2 Variables and Expressions
Lesson 3 Equivalent Expressions Day 1
Lesson 4 Equivalent Expressions Day 2
Lesson 5 Combing Like Terms
Lesson 6 Simplifying Complex Expressions
Lesson 7 Factoring Binomials
Lesson 8 Revisiting Percent Increase and Decrease Using
Unit 6
Lesson 1 Solutions to Equations
Lesson 2 Two-Step Equations
Lesson 3 More Work with Two-Step Equations
Lesson 4 Manipulating Expressions within Equations
Lesson 5 Recognizing Structure to Solve Two-Step Equations
Lesson 6 Solving Word Problems with Two-Step Equations Day 1
Lesson 7 Solving Word Problems with Two-Step Equations Day 2
Lesson 8 Solving Two-Step Inequalities
Lesson 9 An Interesting Property of Inequalities
Lesson 10 Modeling with Inequalities

Unit 7
Lesson 1 Statistical Questions and Measures
Lesson 2 Quartiles
Lesson 3 Box Plots
Lesson 4 Outliers
Lesson 5 Comparing Samples

Unit 8
Lesson 1 Probability Terminology
Lesson 2 Compound Events
Lesson 3 More Work with Compound Events
Lesson 4 Sums of Dice
Lesson 5 Simulating Compound Events

Unit  9
Lesson 1 Points, Lines, Rays, and Segments
Lesson 2 Angles and Their Measures
Lesson 3 Angle Types and Pairs
Lesson 4 More Work with Angle Pairs
Lesson 5 Algebra and Angles
Lesson 6 Triangles and Their Angles

Unit 10
Lesson 1 Basic Geometric Formulas
Lesson 2 Areas of Trapezoids
Lesson 3 Scaled Drawings
Lesson 4 Circles
Lesson 5 The Circumference of a Circle
Lesson 6 The Area of a Circle
Lesson 7 Solids and Their Cross Sections
Lesson 8 Surface Area of Solids
Lesson 9 The Volume of Right Prisms
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